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About Us

Bill Acorn - OakStreet Man OwnerOakStreet Man is the inspiration and passion of successful Arizona entrepreneur Bill Acorn, a globe-trotting businessman, sportsman and family man who has long been frustrated with the Internet shopping experience. “Affluent males desire unique goods and services of exceptional quality and value,” says Acorn. “I got tired of spending hours wandering the web, searching for the best-designed Dopp kit, the most luxurious linens, the one corkscrew with just the right heft, look and functionality. What I really wanted was one site where I could find a collection of products that were pre-screened for taste, quality and value, and backed with 100% guaranteed service. I couldn’t find such a site, so I created it.

“Through my travels, I’ve encountered real experts in the things that interest me most — entertaining, grooming, sports, and so on. In creating OakStreet Man, I’ve enlisted the help of these professionals. Each lends their expertise in selecting or creating the best of the best for our stores. These authorities also share the thinking behind their choices, and provide advice and tips on related topics, both here at OakStreetMan.com, and on our companion blogs. OakStreet Man is a reflection of my taste and expectation of quality, and that of the recognized experts I have the pleasure of consulting with.”

Acorn is the principal of engineering firm Acorn Consulting Services. He’s been involved for 35 years in the analysis and design of hundreds of technical building projects, ranging from laboratories to semiconductor cleanrooms. He’s been honored with numerous awards for technical excellence and is recognized for his achievements, innovation and foresight in the advanced technology industry. He’s an author, a sought-after industry lecturer, consultant on regulatory affairs, and forensic engineering expert and litigation consultant. Acorn gives back to the community through academic appointments at Arizona State University in Phoenix, and the University of Arizona in Tucson. The father of five boys, he has considerable first hand experience with the needs of men. He enjoys spending time with and entertaining family and friends.

Copy by Leah Wheeler-writer